Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A pink pimp and Gagallet...

Warning:  the following post is being written under the influence of quite a quantity of cold medication.  The content may or may not reflect this.

Last weekend marked the occasion of my first Halloween wedding.  Black and white damask, orange ranunculus, old dusty books, mercury glass, black chandelier crystals.  A REALLY fun couple.  And the following pick-up crew...

Also, if you are on twitter, I have a job for you.  Or a favor to ask.  Or something that you're going to want to do anyways once you hear about this.  (And if you're not on twitter--whether it's because you don't care about it or because you're boycotting it--this is what will break you.). 

Are you sitting down?  Pacific Northwest Ballet.  A full length production.  The entire soundtrack.......wait for it.......Lady freakin' Gaga!!!!! Word on the street is that it could happen, with more signatures on the twitter petition  (seriously!  a twitter petition? is this what grassroots looks like in 2010?).  Just tweet something like "I'm bluffin' with my pointe shoes" or "Boys, boys, boys...we like boys in tights!".  Whatevs.  But just follow it with #pnbgaga.  And that's how you sign a twitter petition.  And make yourself my new best friend. 

And if you need some motivation (as if!), remember this?

Monday, November 1, 2010


Books.  Deconstructed.  Recreated.  Breathtaking, complex, tactile.

Sculptures by Boukje Voet.