Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Packed up, loaded the moving van, and now residing at...

Our own home! Blogging has been sparse here (to say the least), but it's because I've been hard at work getting a new website up, and moving Fiore Fresco so that it lives right there at home on my own site. No more jumping can just settle in and stay a while. I'll leave this up in case you want to visit old recipes etc.

Hope you make the move with me! I'm thrilled about the new site and excited to be sharing flowers, recipes, and my adventures with boys again.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Real Weddings: Annie + Nicole's Woodmark Hotel Waterfront Wedding

Oh, I seriously love these girls. Annie (maybe a little proudly) stated at her first meeting that she didn't really think she needed flowers, but her planner was insisting on it. By the end of the meeting though, she had a little gleam in her eye. And on her wedding day, I could tell those flowers (and Nicole!) made her heart pound. And after? THE MOST appreciate couple ever. Emails, cards, FB comments, and a huge print they ordered from (incredibly awesome) Gabriel Boone of the bouquet. Not of Annie holding the bouquet. Not the bouquet next to her wedding dress. Not even the bouquet on one of their pretty tables. Just a shot of her bouquet standing all by itself.  The report is that it is hanging proudly in a place of honor in their home, because Annie just couldn't bear to part with it. How's that for not needing flowers?

And congrats ladies on your recent LEGAL!!!!! Wedding 2.0!!!! I was honored, thrilled, and humbled to contribute. It's not often I get repeat customers (thank goodness!) but this was for the best reason in the world. xoxo

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Urban Unveiled 2012...tonight! Updates, NYC Bridal Market

First, a little note on the Fiore Blossoms website...after a little agonizing, fighting with my webhost, dealing with a new template, and working on Urban Unveiled and packing for NYC, I just decided to LET IT GO. It is out of my control for a week, so it is what it is. And what it is, is a down website. Sorry folks! But it looks like you found me here, and my email is still up and running also. If you need to reach me, please just shoot me an email at Unless you are writing to tell me the website is down.

And Urban! It's tonight! I can hardly wait. I'll of course have pretty flowers at my space in The Founder's Room, and will also have blooms sprinkled throughout the event for some of my colleagues. Check out Gabriel Boone Photography, Michael Bride, Roche Harbor, Swink Style Bar, 321 Foto, and Greenlake Jewelry Works for more flower goodness. It was so fun designing something for each that I thought captured the spirit of their brand.

There was the sweetest Vendor Highlight post on the Urban Website about Fiore Blossoms a few weeks ago.

And...NYC! Bridal Market! Fashion Shows! The Martha Stewart party! Seriously, after a few years of a lot of camping trips with my boys (which are awesome, don't get me wrong), I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet right now. Be sure to follow my adventure on Instagram (I'll be posting photos from both user names fioreblossoms AND junebugweddings).

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Urban Unveiled 2012

Ready to party, plan, and get pretty? I hope you saved the date for this coming Thursday, 10.11.12 and the annual, always amazing, Urban Unveiled Event! I'm super thrilled to be part of it again this year. It's is truly the best show I've seen, and it is an honor to be included on this list of the crème de la crème in Seattle.

If you haven't been before, Urban is the chance to put on a party dress, drink champagne, check out the latest in the Seattle wedding world, eat A LOT of delicious food, and view the spectacular Luly Yang Couture Bridal Fashion Show. It is seriously the best time you'll have wedding planning. Be sure to stop by the Founder's Room where I will be hanging out with a lot of gorgeous flowers!

Grey and White SODO Park Wedding from Wallflower Photography

Pretty photos from Wallflower Photography of a November wedding we designed last year. Estrella wanted a northwest/textured look with white, grey, and green and succulent accents. Love the SODO Park setting!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympic Victory Bouquets

Gabby Douglas, with her Victory Bouquet and a little jewelry

I knew there had to be a story behind the pretty blooms of the Olympic Victory Bouquets. If anyone honors the traditional meanings of flowers, it is the British! Jane Packer Ltd, a London institution, was asked to create the bouquets. From their website:

JANE PACKER  are proud to have been selected to design and produce the "Victory Bouquet" for the medal winners at the  London 2012 Olympics. 4,800 floral bouquets will be presented to athletes along with medals during the Victory Ceremonies. The flowers and herbs in the bouquet are British grown and are  made with the help of floristry students across the country.

The Victory Bouquet was designed by our creative director, Susan Lapworth, to reflect the energy and vibrancy of the London 2012 Games.

The bouquet is sectioned into boldly coloured quadrants to mirror the 2012 logo. These are separated by typical British food ingredients which also provide an eclectic fragrance. All of the components of the bouquet had to be able to be grown in Britain, a key aim for us. We have chosen British grown herbs, lavender, apple mint and rosemary.  These provide an eclectic fragrance which is important to enhance the ‘moment’ of triumph for the athlete without causing an allergic reaction which some heavily scented flowers often do. Along with these herbs, we have included wheat, a source of energy, to reflect the ‘energy lines' of the London 2012 theme that has been an influence throughout the design process.

We chose a bright and vibrant colour theme that not only reflects the colours used in the 2012 logo but also throughout the London 2012 games. This vivid combination creates visual impact, which will also enhance the athlete's moment of victory.

For more, check out this fun, behind the scenes look at making the bouquets at Writtle College by Flowerona.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Who Needs Perfume? Just Wear A Jasmine Dress!

Can you imagine the fragrance? This gorgeous dress, shown in these even more gorgeous images from Jonas Peterson, is made of jasmine flowers. Jasmine FLOWERS! I have to warn you that after seeing this, I'm no longer content with my wardrobe as is. And if you invite me to your fancy party, I might just arrive wearing a crazy concoction like this. And by crazy, I mean astoundingly awesome.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Real Wedding: Jennifer + Brandon's Romantic Garden Wedding

More today from Jennifer and Brandon's wedding. A little after my self-imposed deadline, but you know what they say. And I'm keeping it brief. By the time you read this, I'll be relaxing, lounging, and wishing for sun on Orcas Island. If you aren't from Washington and you are planning a visit, you can't possible come here and skip the San Juans. If you are from Washington and haven't spent time there, well...the rest of us disown you.

Anyway, Jennifer and Brandon's wedding was held at her childhood home "Sunnyside Farm". They were wed with with a traditional hand-fasting ceremony, performed by her mother, that incorporated elements from cultures around the world, as they wanted to speak to the "universal truth of love". Oh, and it was under the magnificent tree where they shared their first kiss. But just take a look. It's all pretty romantic, in my humble opinion.

Pretty gorgeous stuff, huh? All of this fantastic pink garden-wedding pretty was created by:

Photographer: One Love Photo
Event Planner: True Color Events
Wedding Gown: Luly Yang Couture
Floral Design: Fiore Blossoms
Linens: Choice Linens
DJ: Austin Beaver
Vintage Rentals: Fiore Blossoms
Ice Cream Truck: Molly Moon's
Cake Topper: Ann Wood

If you haven't had enough, check out their sweet, poignant wedding video by Cabfare Productions, and  Jennifer and Brandon's feature on Junebug Weddings.