Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weird Science

Been on another blog hiatus...had a lovely journey to Atlanta and Birmingham to visit the fam.  It was heavenly and fun.  The wild invasive purple wisteria was blooming; we hit a million consignment and thrift shops; and dined at the restaurants belonging to my all-time favorite one, two Top Chefs.  Oh, and stayed up late, ate coconut waffles, ogled houses, and talked, talked, talked!

Meanwhile, the inner (ok, often outer!) geek in me has fallen in love with these science pillows.  Available from Heather Lin Home.  

Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011. Today, I...

  • Finally understood why crazy, wonderful, kind Taguchi-Sensei that I met in Japan several years ago, always wore silly sock with toes (with Birkenstocks no less--no your typical Japanese fashion).  He was a tiny man that ran a gazillion miles every day.  I have these weird toes that step on each other when I run, so when I saw Mr. Taguchi's socks at the running store, I couldn't resist.  Wearing them around the house, I already love them.  I'll give a running report as soon as I get off the couch, in case there are other toe-freaks out there.  I promise not to start wearing Birkenstocks though.
  • I got some fantastic photos from La Vie from a few events last summer.  Real Weddings coming next week! 
  • Saw The Adjustment Bureau.  Better than Jason Bourne!
  • Saw Dravus with the hiccups.  And a great Dane with hiccups is pretty funny!
  • Received an email from Gayle that we try Book Bindery, a restaurant on Queen Anne.  Doesn't it look perfect?  And the menu lists "Caramelized Sea Scallops with winter citrus, sunchokes, and Marcona almonds".  I'm going to dream about those scallops tonight.
  • Found this lovely tumblr site (though I still have NO idea what tumblr is...anyone?  Do I need to know this?) that is ADDICTING.  Things Organized Neatly.  I can't stop thinking about all of the things I have around here that I could organize and photograph.  I think I'll actually dream about rows and columns of sea scallops with almonds.
Maybe the neatest view of a rose ever.  Love Thomas Edison's laboratory, and did any other Anthros besides downtown Seattle do the pennies-but-with-toast a few months ago?  It was pretty awesome.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday thoughts

I was super-excited in January to hear from my favorite guys that a wedding we did together last spring was featured that day on VERA WANG's blog!!!  And then I promptly forget to brag about it here, until reminded by my Gayle
Check out Sylvia and Matt's pretty, pretty day at Vera's. 
 In other news, hyacinths are available!  Well, hello there spring!  It's nice to see you again.

And I love this home and couple featured this week in the NYT Home & Garden section.  He describes their relationship as "I make stuff.  And she tries to explain it."  Their home is witty, eclectic, and original.  I love his G(love) project, and how he got bored one day and took a jigsaw to the Saarinen tulip table to carve some Godzilla sized-bites--so that he could excitedly tell his little boys when they returned home from school that his lunch had just been sitting there and a monster came up ate it.  They live by the directive:
"Do something.  Then do something to that.  Then do something to that."  --Jasper Johns

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wishing for spring....

Gorgeous hairpieces from adaptation's.

bookcases from Belle Maison, because I always love doors surrounded by bookcases.

Lovely and unusual ceremony decor...straight from a Parisian sidewalk. (And Photosmashing)

I'd love to have these upcycled herb markers from Monkeys Always Look via Design*Sponge.

A plummy cake via {ritzy bee}.

This incredible bouquet that Sarah over at Saipua did for an April wedding last year. It's loaded with dogwood, anemones, tulips, peonies, and TEXTURE. Did you know flowers can talk?  Because this is screaming SPRING! Photo by Karen Wise.