Tuesday, June 29, 2010

(#38) Just a glimpse...

of tropical done right!  I'm not usually a huge fan of tropicals--I think because they always seem sort of stiff and waxy, as opposed to lush and romantic.  I've always been more of a garden rose and peony kinda girl.  Posting this though because it's a softer, romantic tropical bouquet...need to keep it here in case I'm ever in the need of a little tropical inspiration.  (Of course, if I do book a tropical wedding, I will immediately book a trip for research purposes only).  Bouquet via Style Me Pretty

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weddings, GaGa concerts...

...both perfect occasions for a birdcage veil.  Brilliant, creative, I-wish-I-had-even-10%-of-her-talent Jordan just wrote directions for Project Wedding.  All you brides, knock yourselves out.  My fellow GaGa girls--they look so easy that I think I'll whip one up for each of us, in four different GaGalicious colors. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sylvia + Matt

Just a few preview pictures from Sarah Rhoads...of a beautiful orange and slate wedding we did together a few weeks ago.   I love that first picture of Sylvia--it perfectly captures how I would describe her...beautiful but unfussy, modern but classic, elegant but FUN!  It was my first time working with Sarah and her husband Chris, and they were sweet, talented, and so stylish themselves. The rest of the team?  Pretty much perfection, and I wish I could work with them all every week.  They might just make up my allstar team.
Photography:  Sarah Rhoads
Planners:  Jesse Brix and Travis McBurney from True Colors Events
Venue:  Four Seasons Seattle (their ballroom...amazing.  their staff...amazing.)
DJ:  Austin Beaver
Flowers:  Fiore Blossoms

You'll be seeing more of this one when the final images are ready.  I can hardly wait!

The Lusty Lady?  Pretty much a Seattle institution, probably because of their awesome signs (I like to give my city the benefit of the doubt, and choose to believe its not because of what must be inside).  They did have the BEST signs ever.  Witty, bawdy, even charming occasionally, and sometimes very current and smart.  After a million years in Seattle, they are no more as of this June, so Sylvia and Matt got one of their last signs.  Which just goes to show how far Jesse and Travis will go for you.  It was a complete surprise for the couple, orchestrated by the guys.  See why I love them? 

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Though I deeply admire anyone that can get some paint/ink/chalk onto paper in any form that invokes beauty or emotion (since I can't do it at all), I don't own enough original artwork.  The majority of framed things on my walls are botanical prints (flowers, butterflies, birds, mushrooms etc.), with a few antique enamel French street signs and flea market architectural images mixed in. My very favorite pieces I own though are four original tiny watercolors I bought from an equally tiny old lady who paints on the bridge in Paris that has a view of Notre Dame.  They are beautiful little Paris city-scenes; so quaint and charming without even a touch of icky cuteness.

But now I have the sweet little watercolors of gollybard on my wishlist. I didn't realize I was such a tiny watercolor fan, but I just love these so much. (No, Holly from gollybard did not contact me, offer me free art for pimping her out, or beg for a little blog mention. Much to my chagrin, damn it!). Charming and quaint, without even a touch of icky cuteness. Perfectly lovely, and destined for my walls I believe.  (Husband...are you reading this???)
All images from Gollybard aka Holly.  Gollybard's etsy shop; blog; flickr stream

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Be brave today...tell someone something that's been on your mind.  Wear the outlandishly awesome dress you love, paint some furniture the color of mandarin oranges or new fern leaves.  Ask for help.  Ask for the promotion you've deserved for a long time, reconnect with a lost friend, say no if you are a yes-person.  Commit.  Give...more time, money, or love than you think you have. 

Scared?  Let this inspire you. 

p.s.  I'm practicing what I'm preachin at y'all, and just submitted my resume and application for something scary.  I'll let you know if and when things unfold.