Monday, January 31, 2011

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Desperate times call for desperate measures!  In an effort to get finally potty-trained Noah into undies (He had firmly rejected all that were offered.  Even the gift of a pair that sported the beloved Swiper, on Christmas morning, resulted in a sobbing tantrum in the middle of the festivities.), I spent the weekend making custom boxers for the boys.  Noah said he'd wear boxers if he got to pick the fabric, and of course Hayes had to have a pair too.  Exhibit A:  Police and flame boxers, modeled by their very happy owners.  Success!
And Exhibit B:  Pictures finally of the newest member of the family!  Meet Dravus, the two year old, super sweet and mellow, slightly giant, and very cuddly harlequin great Dane that I adopted at Christmas.  Speaking of happy owners!  Other than the beloved Frye boots she chewed up, I couldn't be happier that for my first dog ever I went big.  I promise to do my best not to let this become ode-to-Dravus instead of Fiore fresco, but I'm not making any promises.

 (couch time with best bud Noah, watching Madagascar together)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unveiling February 14th...

Something big from Anthro is coming...BHLDN, a wedding division!  If it is anything like their everyday and party offerings, or beautiful stores, it will be a feast of delicious ruffles, details, sparkle, and texture. 

Check out the pretty trailer they are using to create a buzz here, and then mark your calendars for the grand unveiling on Valentine's Day.

And...don't forget about the talented and dedicated artists making sparkly ruffles, swirly invitations, accessories with glorious patina on Etsy.  Amazing inspiration and gorgeous products are already available there!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last chance to visit fairyland...

One of the (or maybe THE) most enchanting places in Seattle is soon closing it's doors.  Souvenir, a little dreamworld created by the talented Curtis Steiner, is being evicted so that an elevator shaft can be installed in the building it has inhabited for eleven years.  I tried to explain the beautiful intrigue of Souvenir to someone recently, but it is so difficult to put into words.  Besides the exquisite windows (two of which are shown below) that Mr. Steiner creates, the tiny store feels a little like Alice in Wonderland, a little like a fantastical jewelry box, and a little like sneaking into your crazy, eccentric Uncle's house to go through the nightstands.  But most of all, more than any other shop/store/gallery I've ever been in, it really feels more like an experience than a store.  A trip to Souvenir always felt a little like a spa day for the creative part of the brain...inspirational, replenishing.

Mr. Steiner (currently wearing black, accesorized with a black mourning armband) says that he will be reinventing rather reopening, and has a potential location chosen.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed it won't be too much of a reinvention, but I can't imagine him creating anything less than magical. 

 (Beautifully intricate masked animals of vintage paper by Patti Grazini)

Souvenir will be open until February 6, and currently has an excquisite funerary window dedicated to itself.  Treat yourself to a trip before it's gone.  And the huge wooden counter with a gazillion drawers is the nightstand part...they are meant to be opened!  I found the gorgeous vintage wallpaper I just installed in my bedroom there; the pictures of which will be posted soon.

Au revoir Souvenir!  I'll miss you dearly. (The full sad story is available here and  here.)

Monday, January 10, 2011

And...I'm back!

Good news!  The long hiatus (thanks to a Beta version of IE that went very, very wrong) is over.  I've been busy, with lots to share soon.  A new family member (Ruff!), and beautiful bedroom remodel (a little Bollywood, a little fairytale, a little brothel...a whole lot of awesome!).  Inspiration, and some shots of recent work.  Can't wait to share.

*Photo of Kansas City Arts Incubator, via 100 Layer Cake.