Monday, December 6, 2010

A sense of place.

"Minka" trailer from Birdling Films on Vimeo.

Hauntingly beautiful trailer for "Minka", the story of a 250 year old farmhouse in Japan, and the meaning of home.

By Davina Pardo at Birdlings F

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A pink pimp and Gagallet...

Warning:  the following post is being written under the influence of quite a quantity of cold medication.  The content may or may not reflect this.

Last weekend marked the occasion of my first Halloween wedding.  Black and white damask, orange ranunculus, old dusty books, mercury glass, black chandelier crystals.  A REALLY fun couple.  And the following pick-up crew...

Also, if you are on twitter, I have a job for you.  Or a favor to ask.  Or something that you're going to want to do anyways once you hear about this.  (And if you're not on twitter--whether it's because you don't care about it or because you're boycotting it--this is what will break you.). 

Are you sitting down?  Pacific Northwest Ballet.  A full length production.  The entire soundtrack.......wait for it.......Lady freakin' Gaga!!!!! Word on the street is that it could happen, with more signatures on the twitter petition  (seriously!  a twitter petition? is this what grassroots looks like in 2010?).  Just tweet something like "I'm bluffin' with my pointe shoes" or "Boys, boys, boys...we like boys in tights!".  Whatevs.  But just follow it with #pnbgaga.  And that's how you sign a twitter petition.  And make yourself my new best friend. 

And if you need some motivation (as if!), remember this?

Monday, November 1, 2010


Books.  Deconstructed.  Recreated.  Breathtaking, complex, tactile.

Sculptures by Boukje Voet.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A not-so-itsy-bitsy SPIDER

The spookiest cake I've ever seen!  Spotted in a store window of our local bakery.  Normally I'd shudder from those fake flowers, but that giant fuzzy clinging tarantula takes the cake!

Happy Halloween!  I'm off to make finger jello.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Urban Unveiled 5.0 photos

Some snaps from Urban Unveiled a few weeks ago.  The show was a huge success...beautiful and inspiring ideas everywhere, some super sweet and fun 2011 brides, and an AMAZING fashion show from Luly Yang.  I have to admit, her shows are always pretty incredible, but some years they are a little "runway" for me; beautiful, but nothing I'd wear myself.  This year though...I was coveting EVERYTHING.  My only regret of the show was that I was upstairs during the fashion show, so none of the pictures turned out.  I so badly wish I had one of the grey silk ball dress with embroidered pink flowers.  It's not "wedding-y" at all, but is my new "if I could do it all again" dress.

Anyway, enough fashion talk.  First pictures are of the Fiore Blossoms space, of course!  Daylight during set-up, and then night time with all of the elements of my "Urban Picnic" in place.  I loved the burlap ribbon through the Chivari chairs, and the antlers coming out of the arrangement.  The beautiful table number sign is from Paper Moxie (thanks Sheryl!).  In the last picture, you can see the evil that I had to look at all night--the Trophy Cupcake tower!  The raspberry lemon ones were my kryptonite.

The sweet little vintage space created by a couple of my favorite ladies...the girls from 1000 Words Photography.  Sheena from The Invisible Hostess designed the most amazing glowing table, and Sam Day does an entire oil painting of the event DURING the event every year. 

A pretty pink dress I love (from Moms, Maids, and More), Flora Nova's dramatic columns and white orchids (I know, strange to put another Seattle florist on here, but Christiane and I have always been very good friends.  She has been a mentor and confidant to me, and I think there will always be enough weddings for the both of us!).  And I have to include the True Colors Events table in the photos.  My three favorite boys in all of Seattle are a given, but I think Travis and Jesse are in the lead for spots four and five. 

Black and white damask is still huge, and the W Hotel did it beautifully.  Look at that cake!  And Abaloria jewelry is always exquisite.  Someday.....

A couple awesome cakes from a new Urban Unveiled partner, The People's Cake, followed by a shot of Benaroya, all dressed up for the party! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

(#39) Just a glimpse...

Billy Balls, Craspedia, those-little-round-yellow-thingys...whatever you call them, the little round yellow thingys seem to be a huge favorite right now.  I've been loving them for adding texture and their soft gold, not at all harsh, pop of color.  This image from Ryan Ray Photography (via Junebug's image gallery--an AWESOME resource!) shows how pretty they can be as the feature flower.  Crazy cute, huh?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recently blogged

A few favorite Fiore weddings have been making the blog rounds recently.  First, Sylvia + Matt's vibrant fete at the Four Seasons Seattle was featured by True Colors Events earlier this week.  It's not very modest, but I have to say that I loved the designs that Sylvia, True Colors, and I came up with to complement the gorgeous ballroom at the stunning new hotel.  Check out how lush modern can look, the TALL orange pieces, and how striking a monochromatic palette can be.  Oh, and how much fun  Sylvia had!  (Photos by Sarah Rhoads Photography).

Nicole + Dave, one of my all time favorite couples, were featured as a Junebug Real Wedding and on their Photobug blog. 

Their wedding was romantic, lovely, and very Seattle (though locals will know that the venue was on the Eastside!).  Misty rain, lush flowers, and sunbreaks with killer views.  Top it all off with Nicole's fantastic fashion sense, and you've got yourself one perfect little wedding.  (Photos by La Vie Photography).  Enjoy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Urban Unveiled 5.0

It's that time of year again!  Urban Unveiled, the chicest little cocktail party/wedding extravaganza you'll ever be invited to, is this Thursday!  And consider this your an evening filled with amazing food, flowers, wine and signature cocktails, fashion, music, pretty paper...It promises to be a really fantastic evening. 

The party starts at 6:00 pm at Benaroya, which means the drinks and food will be flowing!  Luly Yang will have an exclusive fashion show at 8:30; the Art of Giving raffle will conclude the night at 9 pm.  The whole shebang is seriously awesome, inspiring, full of creative ideas, and the absolutely best place to find your vendors.  All show participants are there by invitation only, with the hosts being none other than Travis and Jesse from True Colors know, the sweet, clever, and oh-so-cute boys that were just awarded "Best All Around Wedding Vendor" by Seattle Bride's best of 2010.  Which means, to my way of thinking, that you could sort of consider the show a super huge bargain.  You'll be getting their expertise and recommendations for their favorite vendors and sources of all things wonderful!

Check out The Talent section of the Urban Unveiled website for a complete list of the participants, and check out Jesse's blog for great real weddings, beautiful photos, and details that will make you drool!  Seriously, these are awesome people that I feel so lucky to be included with.

All of the images included here are from last year's event.  This year's theme/inspiration reflects one of the hottest trends in decor right now--Woodland Glamour.  Could anything be more perfect for a gorgeous Seattle wedding?

Tickets are available on-line (and you'll save $10 buying in advance--they will hold them at registration for you) and at the door.  I'll be hanging out upstairs, perhaps in a sugar coma.  I love you guys, but WHY did you have to put me next to Trophy Cupcake?  

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First day

Just yesterday...
Fast forward to this morning...
I'm remembering something someone wrote in a book they gave us when he was born...
"The nights are long, the hours are forever, but the years will pass in mere seconds." 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quick hello in the midst of the crazy

Yep, still here! It's been a wild ride of a summer, with the end in sight in the very far, far distance. As the wedding march began, my camera embarked on a death march that kept pace. Still getting used to the new one, but thought I should share a few images of what I've been up to since I last dropped in here.