Friday, October 21, 2011

Urban Unveiled II

Another shot of Fiore's blossoms, this one from the sweet boys at Gabriel Boone Photography.  I'm so glad they called for flowers, because it was such a treat to meet them!  I feel like a new friendship is in the works...can't wait to work with them on Annie and Nicole's pretty nuptials this coming spring.  They do gorgeous, modern, clean, artsy sort of work.  Thanks for the pretty pic guys!

I'm off to the last wedding for a few weeks...pretty purple and moss green at Hidden Valley Ranch.  I mean Hidden Meadows Farm.  Whatevs.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Urban Unveiled...the aftermath

I've been quiet...needed rest after all the fun! Ok, I've also been struggling with a whole party of viruses, throwing a little soiree in their chosen sinuses. Some lovely pictures of Fiore's blossoms though, courtesy of the lovely Molly Magee of La Vie Photography. Love that girl!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

They get me every time!

I'm a total sucker for trees wearing sweaters.
Emailing: yarn-bombing-tree-guerilla-knitting-yarnstorming-graffiti-knitting_rect540.jpg

Did I mention tickets for Urban Unveiled are $45 at the door?  And that I have two to give away?  Seattle peeps, they can be yours!

Warm and cozy tree pic from Apartment Therapy.

Monday, October 3, 2011

As promised! The party of the year is upon us!

THE wedding event of the year, Urban Unveiled, returns next Wednesday evening, October 12th, to elegant Benaroya Hall.  The excitement is building...plans, ideas, trends, and tips have all been flying around between the very awesome partners that are putting together what is sure to be the best show yet.  I personally can't wait to do-up our own space in awesome, vintage, "diamond in the rough" style (this year's theme is for some serious sparkle and bling). I'm also eagerly anticipating the grand unveiling of Luly's newest collection; all of the spectacular spaces that Seattle's most talented peeps are putting together; and the gorgeous fashions, flowers, and vignettes that are going to be on display.  Oh, and did I mention CHAMPAGNE, an excuse to wear a pretty dress, and deelish food???

Emailing: 32.jpg

I have two tickets that are burning a hole in my electronic pocket. This is such a deal!  Leave a comment by noon this Friday, and two people will be randomly selected to win tickets.  Have fun!  (Sorry...give-away not open to industry vendors).