Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Real Weddings: Annie + Nicole's Woodmark Hotel Waterfront Wedding

Oh, I seriously love these girls. Annie (maybe a little proudly) stated at her first meeting that she didn't really think she needed flowers, but her planner was insisting on it. By the end of the meeting though, she had a little gleam in her eye. And on her wedding day, I could tell those flowers (and Nicole!) made her heart pound. And after? THE MOST appreciate couple ever. Emails, cards, FB comments, and a huge print they ordered from (incredibly awesome) Gabriel Boone of the bouquet. Not of Annie holding the bouquet. Not the bouquet next to her wedding dress. Not even the bouquet on one of their pretty tables. Just a shot of her bouquet standing all by itself.  The report is that it is hanging proudly in a place of honor in their home, because Annie just couldn't bear to part with it. How's that for not needing flowers?

And congrats ladies on your recent LEGAL!!!!! Wedding 2.0!!!! I was honored, thrilled, and humbled to contribute. It's not often I get repeat customers (thank goodness!) but this was for the best reason in the world. xoxo