Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Whites

A few photos from a Alderbrook wedding. If you are in the area and looking for a place that is poshy northwest, this is the place. Beautifully refurbished lodge, yummy restaurant, cozy rooms, peaceful grounds with outdoor fireplaces for curling up next to, and a lovely view. In fact, the view is nice enough that a certain famous Seatllite (called by the lodge folks "he who must not be named" for the sake of privacy, but they did reveal he had something to do with Microsoft AT THE VERY BEGINNING) has his vacation home/giant-compound next door.

After set-up, I was much more interested in the champagne being served in the restaurant than in taking photos. So it is what it is. Oh, and I do want to point out the birch bark around the base of the centerpieces. I would like to do this for at least 97% of my weddings this year. I'm very partial to it; something about the idea of flowers sprouting directly out of a log is appealing to me. I might change my mind about this tomorrow though.

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