Monday, October 11, 2010

Urban Unveiled 5.0

It's that time of year again!  Urban Unveiled, the chicest little cocktail party/wedding extravaganza you'll ever be invited to, is this Thursday!  And consider this your an evening filled with amazing food, flowers, wine and signature cocktails, fashion, music, pretty paper...It promises to be a really fantastic evening. 

The party starts at 6:00 pm at Benaroya, which means the drinks and food will be flowing!  Luly Yang will have an exclusive fashion show at 8:30; the Art of Giving raffle will conclude the night at 9 pm.  The whole shebang is seriously awesome, inspiring, full of creative ideas, and the absolutely best place to find your vendors.  All show participants are there by invitation only, with the hosts being none other than Travis and Jesse from True Colors know, the sweet, clever, and oh-so-cute boys that were just awarded "Best All Around Wedding Vendor" by Seattle Bride's best of 2010.  Which means, to my way of thinking, that you could sort of consider the show a super huge bargain.  You'll be getting their expertise and recommendations for their favorite vendors and sources of all things wonderful!

Check out The Talent section of the Urban Unveiled website for a complete list of the participants, and check out Jesse's blog for great real weddings, beautiful photos, and details that will make you drool!  Seriously, these are awesome people that I feel so lucky to be included with.

All of the images included here are from last year's event.  This year's theme/inspiration reflects one of the hottest trends in decor right now--Woodland Glamour.  Could anything be more perfect for a gorgeous Seattle wedding?

Tickets are available on-line (and you'll save $10 buying in advance--they will hold them at registration for you) and at the door.  I'll be hanging out upstairs, perhaps in a sugar coma.  I love you guys, but WHY did you have to put me next to Trophy Cupcake?  

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