Monday, February 22, 2010

Back from a break!

I get so distracted when the sun comes out, and it has been GORGEOUS in Seattle for a few weeks.  It looks like we only have a few days left before more rain, so I'm already mourning the loss and desperately working to get a few more things into the ground.  I've been a gardening madwoman, planting ferns, vine maples, winter and witch hazel.  The boys and I have been ripping out ground cover that has run rampant for years, and I learned to use the CHAINSAW--and very heavily pruned/thinned all of the wild rhododendron we have growing.

Martha Stewart Living's March issue just came out, and is the "Special Gardening Issue" they traditionally do in early spring.  It's the best one they've ever done.  The issue is all about the five senses of gardening, and it poetically features beautiful spaces, yummy berries and seasonal recipes, tweety little songbirds, fragrant herbs, and an ode to gloveless gardening (the reason I willingly sacrifice any hope of ever having pretty nails), among oodles of other great articles and resources.

I'm dreaming about putting these hypertufa pots everywhere.  They look easy peasy. 

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Tara said...

Those pots are amazing... Great find! Can I borrow your sons to rip out some ivy? Or should I just get a goat?