Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday thoughts

I was super-excited in January to hear from my favorite guys that a wedding we did together last spring was featured that day on VERA WANG's blog!!!  And then I promptly forget to brag about it here, until reminded by my Gayle
Check out Sylvia and Matt's pretty, pretty day at Vera's. 
 In other news, hyacinths are available!  Well, hello there spring!  It's nice to see you again.

And I love this home and couple featured this week in the NYT Home & Garden section.  He describes their relationship as "I make stuff.  And she tries to explain it."  Their home is witty, eclectic, and original.  I love his G(love) project, and how he got bored one day and took a jigsaw to the Saarinen tulip table to carve some Godzilla sized-bites--so that he could excitedly tell his little boys when they returned home from school that his lunch had just been sitting there and a monster came up ate it.  They live by the directive:
"Do something.  Then do something to that.  Then do something to that."  --Jasper Johns

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Denise Fasanello said...

wonderful post. And congrats on the Vera Wang shout out!