Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For all those dress requests...

I'm amazed at how many emails I continue to get, two years later, about the dress I wore in the above picture.  Pinterest has spawned a zillion new requests for info about THE DRESS, and even a request to buy it if I still have it hanging around.  (I do, I considered, and it's not going anywhere). 

But check out this new one at Anthropologie, by the same label and everything!  Not an exact match, but I think it has a similar feel.  Just thought I'd throw out the suggestion for those that have emailed.
Emailing: 23539786_033_b.jpgEmailing: 23539786_033_m1.jpg

(Top photo by Mint and Sage, flowers by Fiore Blossoms.  Personally, I think that big orange Icelandic poppy is even more exciting than the dress...)

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Tara Bliven said...

It is REALLY pretty :)