Thursday, October 11, 2012

Urban Unveiled 2012...tonight! Updates, NYC Bridal Market

First, a little note on the Fiore Blossoms website...after a little agonizing, fighting with my webhost, dealing with a new template, and working on Urban Unveiled and packing for NYC, I just decided to LET IT GO. It is out of my control for a week, so it is what it is. And what it is, is a down website. Sorry folks! But it looks like you found me here, and my email is still up and running also. If you need to reach me, please just shoot me an email at Unless you are writing to tell me the website is down.

And Urban! It's tonight! I can hardly wait. I'll of course have pretty flowers at my space in The Founder's Room, and will also have blooms sprinkled throughout the event for some of my colleagues. Check out Gabriel Boone Photography, Michael Bride, Roche Harbor, Swink Style Bar, 321 Foto, and Greenlake Jewelry Works for more flower goodness. It was so fun designing something for each that I thought captured the spirit of their brand.

There was the sweetest Vendor Highlight post on the Urban Website about Fiore Blossoms a few weeks ago.

And...NYC! Bridal Market! Fashion Shows! The Martha Stewart party! Seriously, after a few years of a lot of camping trips with my boys (which are awesome, don't get me wrong), I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet right now. Be sure to follow my adventure on Instagram (I'll be posting photos from both user names fioreblossoms AND junebugweddings).

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