Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fresh, sunny, and fun!

This business just kills me. I'm forever finding things that I so badly wish I could have for my "do-over" wedding. Same husband, but everything else...

Today (because you can choose a different dress every day in your do-over wedding dream) I would be wearing a gorgeous gown by Katie Jean Walker, aka KT Jean Designs on Etsy. Custom couture gowns of re-purposed silk, tulle and lace. She also obviously has fun with her photos--love the boots, trucks, suitcases and other props.

Katie designs dresses, but also can do the whole "wedding suite". Great bridesmaids dresses, and even some very sexy (but fun! no sleaze!) lingerie that will tie in with the wedding dress (for my do-over honey-moon?). Check out her website for more.

Below...one of Katie's gorgeous dresses, with co-ordinating attire for the real after-party!

Sassy black bridesmaid dresses with bright sashes and then below, fun designs for everyday wear.

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dee said...

It is so true. I LOVED all the dresses by Claire Pettibone, and almost bought one, but my wedding was in New York in winter and her flowy beach dresses just didn't work. I think it's only fair that you get to have at least three iterations of your wedding!