Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Herban Feast always tops my list of Seattle caterers, and now they are even better! They have a great new venue in the SODO district, with an incredible vintage/urban vibe. Exposed beams, high loft ceilings, raw wood and huge old windows...and a huge floor plan that can serve up to 275 for a seated dinner (a rare find!).

A couple shots of the dining space:

The beautiful bar, and the lounge area (these are so hot right now, and it's included in the venue price! And we all agree??? No rental fees for lounge couches = more money for flowers!)

The vibrant entry, and table set for dinner on the terrace.

Centerpieces of fresh rosemary to go with the food theme. Lovely.

Herban Feast is a rare find in the catering world. They can feed a crowd, but still focus on great ideals--supporting local growers, sourcing food from our incredible Pacific Northwest farmer's markets, and using seasonal ingredients. It's a great way to share some of the treasures of our region with your guests.

See? YUMMY food.

All photos from Herban Feast.

P.S.--does ANYONE out there understand how blogger's spacing works??? I give up for today, and who knows what this will actually look like when it posts. I no longer care--blogger has beaten me down. Apologies if it is one big crazy screwed up mess. (And I'll give you my next child if you can tell me hot to solve these issues once and for all).


Robin said...

I love this venue! Urban Feast was always one of our favorite caterers to work with. Not only did they do great food and presentation, they were very organized and easy to work with and they always made sure the venue was very clean before they left for the night.

Tiffany said...

Wow! If I were still having a Seattle wedding I would've loved to use that space. the food looks so delish, I'm hungry now.

Alexa Johnson said...

Robin, thanks for the feedback. It's always good to have more reviews, and I really trust your opinion in particular. Love Herban Feast! And style-ish--thanks for visiting. I just checked out your blog, and you really are very stylish!

Anonymous said...

I just booked a couple who booked this venue! I cannot wait!

nolagee said...

Beautiful! I would love to pick this venue up and drop it in New Orleans. This is exactly what I am looking for.