Thursday, August 14, 2008

Recent pics

Dowloading CD's tonight so that we have some new music for the studio, and wading through some of the pics that have been sitting on the computer. Some recent-ish work...

A wedding at the Woodland Park Zoo rose garden, with a Dr. Suess tree in the background.

Green antherium, calla lilies, orchids and millet in birch bark at Ray's Boathouse.

Modern arrangements for a rehearsal dinner at The Black Bottle.

Gloriosa lily, blackberries, orange mokara orchids, and viburnum with "Tenga Venga" roses.

Hayes and I love to take self-portraits while waiting for something. A recent one from the eye doctor's waiting room. Teddy makes a cameo appearance in this one.


Kaprice said...

Beautiful of course!! You and your creative, aritistic talents are absolutely amazing!!! Your little boy is adorable!


Rachel said...

Precious picture!!

And of course the floral pictures are wonderful too!!

please sir said...

Wow - another beautiful wedding!

One Love Photo said...

Love the green flower ring pillow! I also love self portraits. Teddy is cute (and so are you baby face). Glad you liked the love parade-send em my way! I hope we get to work together on a wedding this year. Your work is so pretty, I just love it!

Fifi Flowers said...

Ooh la la... where do I start... ok first I love the blue ribbon with the white gerbera daisies... reminds me of my fav store TIFFANY... ooooh and the floral for the rings... that is BRILLANT and gorgeous! You are WONDERFUL!

Enjoy your weekend... another wedding? Well... if you have a free moment pop over to Provence and visit me... Fifi

cara said...

What gorgeous flowers!

And what a cute pair you and Hayes are!