Friday, November 21, 2008

Dark days ahead...

Sundays in fact. I mean, what is there left in life, now that the guys are going to be MIA for a while after this week?

Well, I'll tell you what's left...Mammoth Men! Aka...the real Entourage. A wacky, creative, funny group of cuties culled from the ranks of the best wedding photographers out there. Check out the mancation these guys have been on here, (it's a sort of choose your own adventure, but they've relinquished control to their blog readers). This particular trip has included sand dunes, gorgeous scenery, flag football in their skivs, bowling (with pants on), lots of cool photos, and a lot of really funny blog posts. Their blog also has the videos from their previous shenanigans. I have to admit...I think I'm a teensy bit in love with them, but who wouldn't be?

Did I mention they are all wedding photographers? Really talented wedding photographers? Thank goodness, because now I can justify putting all their goofy hotness on my blog. You can get to their serious portfolio websites from the fun one. And in all seriousness, it's worth doing.
Happy weekend readers! And enjoy the last half hour of those other boys on Sunday night.
All photos from Mammonth Men except Entourage, which is from HBO.

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