Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another excuse for not blogging lately

I've been a little bombarded by e-mails from the parents/grandparents requesting the annual Christmas List for each person in our family. But I have a few bones to pick on this subject.

1. For some reason, I have been put in charge of creating these lists for every member of my immediate family. Even my literate and particular 32 year-old husband.

2. For some reason, the lists go almost completely disregarded, by one particular side of the family in particular. My list in particular. Husband's list (see item #1), not so much.

So this year, I'm considering sending this one out with just one item...because I'm feeling a bit sassy about the whole program. I'm fairly certain that with this price tag, I won't get lucky.

A breathable teepee. Yep, breathable.
But in all seriousness, I've been traveling for the last two weeks solid (heaven by the way!), and will get back in the blogging swing of it TOMORROW! Big news about the color forecast for 2009...any predictions?


Jessica Baker said...

I LOVE that post, and I hear you! My hubby is not only particular, but has a bday January 1 to make the 'listing' even tougher! And I advise something that sparkles for your list instead of that teepee---you've earned it. :)

Kaprice said...

Love your post today! I can't stop laughing, it is so true! I hope your travels have been fun and exciting!