Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just an update...

It's a little crazy around here right now, and I'm doing a horrible job of keeping up with family and friends, never mind Fiore Blossoms or fresco! So...for those of you that have written/called/texted/emailed and I've neglected to respond, here is a very quick update!
  • Signed to sell and buy yesterday. Only 30 minutes in between which was great since I didn't like the homeless feeling I had during that time.

  • Chaos at home, living out of boxes and bags. Hayes has regressed to two-year old behavior and is sleeping on the couch for complicated reasons. Noah is half potty trained/half outdoor trained. (no, not on purpose)

  • Keys in less than 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the cleaning/demo/painting/buyer's remorse begin!

  • Checked on the to-do list: Noah's carpet purchased, bathroom tiles chosen, contractor booked, new fixtures (including a curvaceously sexy pedestal sink from 1924 found at Second Use) for both bathrooms purchased. Today's tasks are picking up lots of paint and ceramic light switch covers. At last count, there are currently 24 different switch cover styles going on in the house.

  • Bought and somehow transported a HUGE cabinet salvaged from an old jr. high in Seattle from 1926. It is incredible and I can't wait to share photos.

Over and out. Catch ya later from the new digs.

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Kaprice said...

Love the house can't wait to see pics : )