Thursday, October 15, 2009


1,600: Roses that arrived today (1,200 for Melissa and Michael's 12 centerpieces alone!)

0: The number of chocolate cymbidiums that arrived today (Note: this is a different number than the number of chocolate cymbidiums that were ordered)

104: Dollars spent on new portfolio

14: Photographers that generously shared photos for new portfolio

17.5: Approximate hours spent on new portfolio

0: Chance that it will arrive for Urban Unveiled

2: Phone calls to my Gayle this afternoon/evening so that she could talk me down off the ledge

5: Cups of coffee that I anticipate drinking tomorrow

3: dresses bought for Urban Unveiled

3: dresses returned for Urban Unveiled (dug out an oldie but a goodie)

1: Husband that assembled furniture tonight, stapled birch bark loops, and listened to insane babbling resulting from UU nerves and insecurity

15.625: Hours until the whole glamourous party begins! Off to bed so that I can enjoy hangin' with the best-of-the-best Seattle vendors, indulging in some really yummy food and sparkly champagne, Luly's couture dress show with stunning fashion, and sharing the result of all that angst in the studio! Seriously. Don't miss it!

1 comment:

Tara said...

100% -- chance that you'll do great despite all those annoying numbers! I'm sure your hard work will pay off -- have fun :)