Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Real Weddings: Nicole + Dave

Urban Unveiled was a huge success last week (Thanks Travis, Jesse, and Sharlane for planning such a fantastic event!)--full of fashion, sparkly crystals, new friends, great neighbors on both sides, and old friends that stopped by to visit and check out my space. The lovely Kim Bamberg from La Vie Photography took piles of pictures for me, so I'll share once I have them back. It's the end of a busy season though, which means Kim's probably getting even busier, so I thought I'd show this favorite wedding today that she also shot, and inspired what I did at the show.
I loved planning with Nicole--she was full of good ideas, enthusiasm, and anticipation, without a hint of stress (at least none that I ever saw!). She also is one fashionable lady, so I completely trusted her when she handed me a printed paper picnic napkin at our first meeting and said it was the inspiration for the wedding. The deep plum, rich raspberry, bright stem green, smokey pewter, and warm brown palette was so sophisticated and fresh. I loved it so much that I did another version of the palette for Urban Unveiled, and have now convinced my husband that we should paint the dining room deep purple--so it works miracles on top of being gorgeous!

Some of the other really awesome components were embroidered silk linens from Choice Linens, glassybaby votive holders, and beautiful papers from Paper Moxie. Katy Leiser did a stunning job of coordinating the whole thing, and Kim and Adam Bamberg are so rad! (I can't resist using this word since Kim left me a message last week and dropped it about five times. I'm telling you--the girl is one ball of fun!).

Too much chit chat, not enough pics. I'm out!

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