Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cold (part II)

The house continues to come along, though at a slower pace right now with the holiday preparations to keep us busy. It feels so good to finally have a nice spot for our tree though, after eight years of Christmases that involved an attack tree right inside the front door. The only way to get in the old house in December was to climb through the tree limbs, as if running an ornament gauntlet. Forget pet couldn't leave our house without having a thousand fir needles embedded in your sweater or scarf.

But meanwhile, I keep dreaming of my someday to come kitchen remodel. Our temporary fix with pale turquoise upper cabinets and chocolate milk colored bottoms is a nice make-do kitchen for now. But I left my (albeit tiny) kitchen with custom cabinets with antiqued glass, gorgeous Brazilian cherry handmade counter tops, and a huge farmhouse sink.

It's been well worth the trade off to be closer to the city, have more space and a better floorplan, and have 10x the garden space, but...I can't help but dream. I do know that right now, top on my list, is one of these pretty retro refrigerators from Big Chill. All the modern conveniences in such a pretty package!

On a side note, are any of you other bloggers out there struggling with Blogger all of a sudden? No noticeable changes to the program, but the pictures won't move anymore unless you're in the HTML side of things, which is doable but a bit of a hassle. And...they won't even delete. Seriously, if Google can come up with an Android phone that supposedly is so fantastic it would make me leave my beloved if given the chance, why can't they write a new edition of their blog software? Blogger must be the most awkward, cumbersome, and unreliable program in existence. Google, I've been really nice this year...maybe for Christmas?

Ok, taking a step down off my soapbox to go get ready for the day.

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Denise Fasanello said...

I want that red fridge! I haven't had any trouble with Blogger so far... sometimes my fonts don't work properly but other than that, seems ok. Ehjoy the holidays