Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Warm & Fuzzy

I just received a beautiful new scarf from a good friend's mom, and have to do a little raving about it. Karen Young saw them in a little boutique in London on a recent trip, and had to have one because they are so warm, snuggly, soft...the list goes on! She returned home, and realized that they would be treasured by friends and family as well, so she went into serious production mode. As expected, people have gone crazy for them, so she is a regular one-woman sweat shop now. A fact I was very grateful for when I wrapped mine around my neck for the first time!

Karen's scarves are not only made out of the softest and most luxurious feeling faux fur, but they have this great little ingenious stretchy band of something INSIDE the scarf--so the scarf snugs up close around your neck as if IT is trying to cuddle with YOU! Brilliant! She also finishes them off with unique vintage-inspired buttons that are fantastic.

Karen is opening an Etsy shop, but until it is up, you can contact her directly at She's carrying the scarves in five different "furs" right now (all modeled by those cuties above). I have the chocolate mink, but have my eye on the zebra as well... She's also wrapping the scarves in gorgeous wrapping if they're a gift, and will gladly ship! Now go shop!

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