Tuesday, March 30, 2010

365 Collections

I can't remember the first collection I had, because I've loved collecting since before I can remember.  Sometimes I love items because they have a story (like my vintage blue enamel French street signs), sometimes because each item is beautiful (sea urchins), sometimes it's just to have a lot of things of a particular color (mercury glass candlesticks, eggs).  I like to have multiples of anything I really like--maybe I'm just a hoarder, maybe I'm greedy!  But I do love how everyday items can become elevated to the status of artwork when massed in a group (stacked beach rocks, light bulbs in a bell jar, cookbooks arranged by color on a kitchen shelf).  And I love a group of true artwork, though it doesn't have to be fancy (my favorite paintings are four watercolors I bought from a tiny old lady on a bridge over-looking Notre Dame in Paris).

But artist Lisa Congdon...she's done me one better.  She is spending the year collecting collections!  Every day she is documenting a collection on her blog A Collection a Day, 2010.  It's lovely.  It's full of the everyday-objects type of collections, and may make you think about some of your own things a little differently.  She occasionally sketches or paints a collection, and her artwork is simply fantastic.  I'm adding it to the collection of blogs in my reader.

All images by Lisa Congdon, from A Collection a Day, 2010.

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