Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3 list

1. Several weeks ago I mentioned I had been using a different the method  to cook bacon. (I also read recently that top scents to lure a man are bacon and lavender.  As in, men would like you to actually smell like bacon and lavender, not just that they like the smell OF bacon and lavender.  Eau de baconder?)  I digress.  How to cook the bacon...
  • Spread bacon in a single layer on a foil lined baking sheet.
  • Sprinkle with brown sugar and black pepper.
  • Place in 325 degree oven for 12-15 minutes (just watch it; you'll know when its at the crispy stage that you like)
  • Enjoy the yummiest bacon and easiest bacon-cleanup ever.

2. Happy Birthday to this guy.  He's cute, he's 34, he loves thick bacon.  I like mine thin and crispy, and yet conquers all.  (The first gift I ever gave him was a Fossil watch I'd had engraved on the back with "Happy Birthday 03-03-93".  What young lovebirds we were!)

3. The Alexander Calder exhibit will be at the Seattle Art Museum until early April.  I think the boys are ready for their first trip to SAM.  What little boy wouldn't love a room filled with giant mobiles?

4.  While looking online this morning to find out how long #3 would be on exhibit, I ended up on a blog by Passionflower Design in that roundabout way that blogland works.   I feel like I found treasure!  I'm thinking a trip to Eugene is in order to visit a place that appears to be magically full of ephemera.

5.  Realized this morning that Fiore fresco has 99 Google Reader subscribers.  I predict the triple digits are in my future.  Thanks everyone for reading!  I'm shocked but honored that there are people out there that tune in to my sporadic drivel-filled writing filled with too many punctuation marks.

6.  Pea gravel patios.  They're all I've been thinking about.  Progress is slow but steady on my own. 

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Anonymous said...

What would you recommend for a roof deck planter box? I want something low maintenance and lots of green. 3’ high max. I also have a drip irrigation in place. Have you seen any good examples of this in your blog adventures?