Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seeking Job

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce?  Are you hiring?  Because I promise to wear gorgeous, ladylike Louis Vuitton from the Fall 2010 Collection (by the cutie patootie Marc Jacobs below) every single day.  Maybe we're on the precipice of a new wave of oppression, but the girl in me that loves to twirl in full skirts* doesn't give a damn.  Can I bring you a scotch Mr. Draper?

 *Ok, you caught me.  I just want to be able to pimp out my waistline that recently, through some delightful  miracle appears to be quite small.  I'm guessing its actually an optical illusion created by the rapidly expanding evil empire down below.  But I'll take the silver lining, and cover up the rest with some Louis-style, as soon as Banana/J.Crew/Target start cookin' up the knock-offs.

Hey, I'm headed to the stormy beach for the rest of the week.  Catch you on the flip side.

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