Saturday, February 26, 2011

Foxy pop-ups

Pop-up everything seems so hot right now (restaurants, shops, markets...), but I'm especially loving the idea of a pop-up party.  Sometimes its totally necessary, but I love the look of over-the-top color, pleats, and crispy fluff.  I'm busy planning several events at a couple of Seattle's great blank slate, urban loft venues, for this coming summer.  These would look fantastic in that kind of space. 

Want to try it?  The trick is to go completely over the top...festoon every rafter, pole, wall as much as possible.  If your tissue paper swags are too scarce the look will end up more church-hall-with-white-tissue-paper-bells than the flirty-fun-foxy party look you're after.

Originally seen on MS of course, with a few great sources being,, and

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Unknown said...

we absolutely love the paper decorations! and the pink hues...