Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some pressing news...

One of the best parts about being involved in the Seattle wedding industry is meeting other wedding peeps. I think that some of the most talented and nicest people anywhere are right here in Seattle.  And one of my very favorites is my friend Tara Bliven of Ephemera Press
Tara just REIMAGINED Ephemera, which included launching a fresh, gorgeous site and starting a line of ready-made cards.  She's set up now to make ordering her fantastic (and I mean FANTASTIC!) letterpress invitations and announcements super easy, yet the result is still totally personalized and unique.  And quite frankly, those wraparound address labels (shown in the "Connection" collection below) are totally precious.
For people who just love letterpress, sending pretty cards, or need to tell someone they're special (even a good friend...I love the new cards that say "I like you!"), Tara has ready made cards with a cute little waterfall of hearts, available in sets of four.  She also is taking 10% off of everything through the end of the month, so it's a great time to get invitations ordered and checked off the to-do list, or just treat yourself to a little pack of pretty cards.  Just enter code REIMAGINE at checkout
P.S.  If you're ordering invitations to get them crossed off the to-do list, Tara also offers calligraphy services to cross one more to-do off the list!  I've been keeping it a secret, but I've been taking a few classes and working on my own calligraphy skills because I really do like sending pretty letters.  Tara and I get together for chatting and writing a few times a month, and believe me!  You do want her to address those envelopes.  She does GORGEOUS stuff!

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Tara Bliven said...

Wow, thank you, Alexa! You are the best! And I love writing and getting better together... Let's set up another date for soon. :)