Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And you call this work?


Working on one of the many things-in-the-works this morning.  Throwing pretty things around and taking pictures for backgrounds.  Love this job today.  (Details on the pretty antique Chinese calligraphy brush that was a surprise belated b'day gift just yesterday, from a sweet friend.  Pretty earrings by talented Abilena; new superfine silk ribbon that is my fave, and will be going on bridal bouquets from here on out; fan coral from a source that claims to be responsibly harvested...hope so.  Little bug gems from my own nuptials about an eon ago; and all calligraphy by yours truly.  Aren't they pretty escort cards?  You too can have such loveliness...) 


1 comment:

Tara Bliven said...

Beautiful! You need to teach me how to use that brush :)