Friday, September 30, 2011

Own, and save! a piece of history...

Landreth Seed Company, one of the oldest American companies, and THE oldest seed company, is in grave danger of closing soon.  Despite a huge resurgence in gardening from seeds in recent years (thanks, economy), Landreth is about to go under.  In an effort to make a last gasp for air, they are taking orders for their 2012 BEAUTIFUL catalog now, to be shipped in time for Christmas presents. 


A catalog for a gift?  Why yes!  The catalogs contain engravings of original hand-drawings of heirloom seeds and plants.  Historical tidbits of info and tips are included, and the whole thing makes for a beautiful gift for any gardener or lover of botanical drawings.  Or anyone that values centuries-old, family-owned companies.  The catalogs are $5, and despite their own desperation, they are committed to printing everything here in the US, rather than sending it overseas for a fraction of the price.

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Heck, while you're at it, order a few gift cards for your favorite gardeners!  Besides heirloom seeds, they have bulbs of all varieties, historical weather instruments for your favorite weather geek, and a lovely little library of beautiful books for sale.  Now go shop!  Even if it's only that gorgeous, special catalog.

Also, Monday...I'll have two tickets to the Wedding Extravaganza of the Year to give away!  You want these!

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