Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A fabulous new blog...

You have to check out designer extrordinaire Michelle Rago's new blog. Though just started a week ago, it is already amazing. She is an extremely talented NYC designer that does full event design; lighting, flowers, linens, structures...basically the whole dang thing! I've always loved browsing through her website, and am so excited that we will have more frequent and current photos to swoon over. A few highlights from a recent post:

A hand-carved (!) chuppah, draped with white phaleonopsis and dendrobium orchids:

The ballroom set up for the same wedding (at The Breakers in Palm Beach) with some amazing lighting work.

Beautiful urns of hydrangea in blue and white. Amazing the impact that a single variety of flower can have, don't you think?

Michelle also is the author of a pretty fabulous book "Signature Weddings: Creating a Day Uniquely Your Own". It's worth checking out!


Robin Rotondo said...

Just wanted to let you know your blog is great. It has a place of honor in my Favorites folder. Looking forward to more!

Alexa Johnson said...

Thanks Robin! And I'm hoping you will do a little "guest blogging" for me soon--you being so stylish and of excellent taste.