Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Real Weddings Contest

I'm sometimes a little down on The Knot (gasp! Its just that I find it a little overwhelming in the Nordstrom's Rack sort of way. Some great gems, but you have to look through so much other stuff to find them.) but thought I'd ease up a little today in honor of one of my very favorite brides ever. Katy Leiser is one of my rare "repeat" customers. Though I do get a lot of referrals from past brides, I usually don't get to work with them again on a wedding. However, I was fortunate to work with Katy when her sister-in-law Tara got married in 2006, and again for her own AMAZING wedding in 2007. I think I'll actually really miss her this summer--she is just so sweet and has an amazing sense of style.

So, back to the The Knot. Katy's wedding has been entered in The Knot's Real Wedding Awards 2007. Here is the picture of her bouquet that she chose to post:

Take a look at her other photos (and vote!) for some great inspiration. She planned her beautiful day in shades of vibrant "cymbidium" green and orange. It was pretty incredible--from her Amsale gown to the cutest ringbearers ever, from the lime green pomanders lining the aisle hung on black chiavari chairs to the green and white polka-dot cake. Hm. I think I'll have to do a "Real Wedding" post on it soon!

And, I'll even (grudgingly) concede that The Knot has come up with a great way to view a lot more real weddings that are inspirational. Enjoy!

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