Monday, September 8, 2008

Really off topic...

Ok folks. If you're here for wedding talk, you might want to move right along. The rest of you, hang with me on this one.

So, I'm doing research tonight (ok, I'm really watching old videos on YouTube in an effort to remember what we used to wear in the 80's. I have a party to go to this weekend, and all I've done so far is procur a hair crimper and scrunchie. I think the fashion must have been so bad that I've totally blocked out all memories of it).

Anyway, I started with "Thriller", and then got completely sidetracked. It seems there is a prison in the Phillipines that is doing dance rehabilitiation of inmates. They film the whole prison (hundreds of people! maybe thousands actually) doing a choreographed routine to some really great songs. Of course "Thriller" is there, and also "Do the Hustle", "I Need a Hero" (remember? from Footloose?), a little Black Eyed Peas...and I'm telling you, some of these people can DANCE!

Anyway, here's my fav. Maybe because I fell completely head over heels for Hugh Grant as soon as he shook his cute little booty to this. Fell in love, actually.

Oh, and if you have ANY ideas on 80's fashion, please pass them along. Remember, I'm a girl that lives in a 99 year old house, would own a 1958 Porsche Convertible D if it were possible, and loves disco music. Other than the previously mentioned Footloose and Thriller, the 80's just weren't my decade.


Kaprice said...

Blast from the past, fashion tips ;)Don't forget checkered, striped, or bleached out "Zena" jeans! Make sure to tight roll cuff them at the bottom too ;) Legwarmers, minis and shaker sweaters are always a great combo as well! I remember the eighties all to well. Yikes!

cara said...

This is brilliant! I'm afraid I don't have any 80s suggestions, not being very old when they ended.