Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday's stream of consciousness

The lovely Fifi at Fifi Flowers Design Decor was inspired today by a few little shots she found on Fiore fresco. I'm so flattered--she paints the sweetest little vignettes that are little collages of photos she finds. They always transport me away from reality for a few moments, and it was so fun to find out that she used some Fiore fresco material today. Thanks Fifi! (And here are the original shots...)

Catching up on paperwork today so that I can spend a few moments uploading photos from a few of the FIVE weddings last weekend. It was crazy, exhausting, and fun.

And...feeling like a proud momma after watching Hayes meet his first teacher this morning. He's off to preschool next week! Also loving that delicious warm feeling I get whenever I'm reminded of the wonderful and amazing friends I have...lots of help, love, working out some kinks, and enjoying really good times lately from a group of people I consider family.

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Jessica Baker said...

Wow--preschool already? The time has flown.