Friday, January 23, 2009

A little recent press...

A huge thank you to the editors of Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom for including my work in their feature article on flowers and foliage for their Spring/Summer edition. I feel so honored to be included in such a beautiful publication.

The focus of the article was on using greenery and foliage as the main feature of a bouquet, with flowers just adding accents and little pops of color. I chose to use very textural and lush green and grey succulents with stems of tube-shaped spotted cobra lilies and tropical orchids to make the bouquet a little sexy! (And how funny that as a result, they titled the bouquet "Organic Chemistry". I don't mention it often here, but my previous career was as a chemistry/genetics teacher. I seem unable to escape it!)
And coming from the other shoot I did this winter! I hope you enjoy them both.


Jessica Baker said...

We scientists can never REALLY change who we are. :)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous!!! love the colors and the textures and burlap (?) backdrop.