Monday, January 19, 2009

Proud sista...

My talented, kind, gorgeous, AMAZING sister Katie Gronewald just launched her handcrafted jewelry line Abilena Studio with her equally fabulous friend Kelly Towne. I've been the lucky owner of several of her pieces for quite a while, and they never cease to get lovely compliments and make me feel tres chic when I'm wearing them. Katie and Kelly have a studio in Birmingham, Alabama where they are putting their art degrees and talent towards making delicate, striking, feminine pieces.

I love how original their designs are, the handcrafted quality of the hammered metals, and the custom soldering work they do. They use very high quality copper, silver, and gold, and unique stones such as turquoise that is actually the palest shade of sage green. (I know...I don't get it either. But trust's pretty!). The white amethyst in my most recent acquisition is crazy beautiful. I always think of my sister as having a very sophisticated bohemian look, and I think this really comes through in her jewelry line. And hold on to your britches...they have a line of BRIDAL jewelry that is truly unique and feminine. They will also do custom designs for brides as well.

Katie and Kelly were inspired by the children of Moi's Bridge, Kenya at the United Orphanage and Academy where they have done volunteer work during the summers (see...I told you they are amazing!). They have named each piece after a child that will benefit from their business--a portion of all of their sales are donated to the orphanage. It's a great way to support a small, community based business and make an impact on a global scale!

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Anonymous said...

stunning! i'm headed over to the website. i love that each piece benefits a child. what a wonderful sister you have :)