Monday, March 2, 2009

week in review {february 27 edition}

Late again! But better than never...I found a great new (to me) flower blog last week from an awesome lady in Lancashire, England. Beautiful flowers, interesting writing, and I love this mocha and champagne bouquet. (I also really love mochas and champagne, so this maybe affecting things here).

i suwanee found some wacky things I'd like to have. Like the ultimate pillow fight weapon, a giant polar bear bookshelf and a chair that makes you feel like an ant in the grass.

Sarah must have found fritillaria somewhere because there they are, nodding their little checkered graph-paper heads in that sweet bouquet.

Speaking of, what do people use this type of graph paper for? And how?

Great photos of this young house via black*eiffel. Makes me want to shop for furniture, so I won't be looking at that site again.

Had a busy weekend with an event at the Columbia Tower (pictures of the awesome view coming soon) and Ray's Boathouse, dinner at Lark, a couple of fun evenings with friends, homemade pizza, a little gardening, met a great new is good.

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One Love Photo said...

I've been trying to fight off the urge for new furniture. This doesn't help! Love the combo of light and dark pieces. It's so fresh looking!