Friday, March 27, 2009

week in review {march 27.09 edition}

I've read Lobster and Swan forever, but just realized Ms. L&S also has a blog titled Record the day. Gorgeous little daily collages of the ephemera of life. I wonder if I could ever get myself together enough to do this with all the detritus I seem to accumulate.

What to do with all the mushroom birds floating around my house, drawers, studio etc. Via absolutely beautiful things.

Exquisite florals from Takashimaya NY via Little Pheasant. took the words right out of my mouth! Amen Sista!

I'm longing for my garden. These gorgeous photos by Anna Kern via Purple Area didn't help.

Two purple and green weddings this weekend, and I'm celebrating...the last weekend with two weddings in the same day. New policy, new light feeling! Have a good one! --Lex

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