Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Springtime in Seattle

I know I promised a real wedding, yummy food, and attention paid to the blog. But it's only Tuesday, and the weather is even better than predicted.

Also, I spent the morning wandering through a potential new house. Help!!! I'm so conflicted...we live in a 100 year old gorgeous cottage that is exactly how I want it. We have the most amazingly kind and generous neighbors. Over the last eight years, we've poured ourselves into remodeling, painting, gardening, more painting, finding authentic old matching moldings and doors, gutting the kitchen and building the one I dreamed of with wood counters and a farmhouse sink...and I've been busy planning the rockin' blowout I was going to throw for it this summer for it's centennial. BUT...what if we could cut about 10 hours+ of driving a week from our combined commutes? What if we didn't have 14 years of paying for private school ahead of us because we lived where the public schools are awesome? What if the new house had a huge yard? What if it also needed tons of work for the long term, but was entirely livable and fabulously quirky already? WHAT WOULD YOU DO????

So no more blogging today. I'm off to go read design blogs to get ideas of what I would do with the bizarre family room that so isn't me, and to lay in the sun until inspiration or a decision or at least hunger strikes. Help if you can. Please.
Weather report from Kurt Riedi

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Tara said...

Oh no Alexa! I was going to say no way, stay put -- when I dropped off your stuff, I loved the little bit of your house I got to see :) But I get the commute conflict... and the school savings.

I'm no help!