Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So much going on...I'm in Birmingham, Alabama right now, getting ready for Katie's big day on Saturday. I'm not giving anything away before the wedding, but here are a few little pics from Katie's shower that my youngest sister Kerry and I threw a few weeks ago in Perdido Key, Florida. All decorations chosen for their ease of packing on a plane. We had such a good time showering her with gorgeous lingerie, and I loved getting to spend time with all the girls that have been such a great part of her life. Our little gift for everyone at the party was pretty fun if I do say so myself--pretty coral and pink lace undies so that everyone left with something new and fabulous! We finished up the evening at the infamous Florabama (a once-in-a-lifetime event, never to be repeated). I love the picture with my sisters--this is how I always feel when I'm with them, even if we're not tearin' it up on the dance floor.

And in the meantime, we did put an offer down on the house and have put ours on the market. It's going to have to sell fast for us to get the other, so please, please, please let one of the three open houses taking place while we're out of town produce someone to love our little abode. I almost feel like I'm selling one of my children--it was my first baby so this is hard, but exciting too. I'm ready for a new adventure!

And speaking of new adventures, a baby was born today! Welcome to the world Wolfie. I love you already and can't wait to get home and snuzzle your little burrito wrapped body. Oh what good times we have ahead! Congrats to my dear friends.

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Sounds very exciting - have fun!