Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunny side up!

A few years ago, we had a little flock of city chickens that we had raised from babies. We loved our little hens that provided us with an endless supply of wacky stories and pale blue eggs.

There was Pop, the Polish hen that started cock-a-doodle-dooing when s/he turned 3 months old and we were traveling in Thailand. The neighbors loved that one. There was Red, our biggest hen and best layer, probably due to the fact that she adored eating cat food and would attack any cat that dared come between her and the supply. There was Banty, the beakless bird that I brought home as a rescue project, and who taught me that some women will just always play the victim--you can't save 'em! And Snap...the matriarch that ruled the roost in a most regal way, and trumpeted an announcement every morning after she laid a perfect sky blue egg.

We finally had to give up after the stories turned to murder and massacre by a local gang of racoons. We had full on warfare at one point. My husband made many a mad dash out to the coop, usually when dressed for work in slacks and tie etc., swinging a 2x4 at the wild hooligans that had made yet another raid on the flock.

But the new house has me thinking...maybe our local wildlife will be more neighborly. And I did find these eglus...available at Omelet USA. Perhaps the perfect father's day present would be a Polish hen with a gorgeous topknot and a gentle quiet cluck.

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Unknown said...

How fun! My dream house is a cute woodsy custom built cottage with lots of animals. I 'spose I could add some chickens... But 2 donkeys are first on the list :)