Monday, November 16, 2009

Frock shop

It seems like all of the clients I've been talking with lately are deep in the midst of bridesmaid dress shopping. Seattle bridesmaids have a fantastic new option opening in the next couple of weeks--I'll have more info later this week! So excited!!!--but for now, and everyone else, J.Crew just added some really lovely dresses (and beautiful accessories) to their pretty constant repertoire for bridesmaids. These seem to be a little more seasonal perhaps, so I'd jump on it if you see something you love.

Oh, and if you pick any of the following lovelies, I'd like to offer my bridesmaid services. I can be super supportive, come to all of your parties, drag your grandfather out on the dancefloor, and pick gifts straight off your registry. Especially if it's that grey number with the brilliant yellow shoes.


Lindsey said...

Where can I buy these yellow shoes?! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for some yellow shoes for my wedding and these are perfect! Can you please tell me where I can find them? I would really appreciate it!

Jeni said...

Me too! Same question, where to find those shoes?!?!?!?!

Alexa Johnson said...

Everything in the post...J.Crew! They do such a good job, huh?