Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Real Weddings: Kelley + Mike

OK, we really suffered for this one at Bellevue's Robinswood House, with pictures from the lovely Kelly Chandler. I usually love my job...the joy of handing someone their dream bouquet on the best day of their life is pretty unbeatable. But, when you're doing an outdoor wedding on the hottest day in Seattle in 98 years, things quickly go from exciting and creative to just plain torturous and scary! Thank you Jenn and Kimberly for helping out on this one--you're saints for helping me heave huge spools of ribbon 40' up in the air to hang lanterns while sweat is dripping into your eyeballs! The other saving grace was the happy, sweet bride, and her gracious and thankful mother.
Shimmery gold linens from Choice, handblown votives from Glassybaby. And flowers, yours truly.The lanterns were glowing like floating moons when I came back to pick up at midnight--so ethereal and otherworldly. Green silk curtains are my newest favorite shade of dupioni silk draping I'm carrying. Granny smith apple green!
Two centerpieces kept made the reception tables varied and interesting. The low mounds were inspired by a photo Kelley had taken of some flowers her dad sent her earlier in the year that she loved. The tall pieces were manzanita branches embedded in split peas (a perfect shade of green! But I got the STRANGEST looks buying 100 lbs of split peas in that weather!) with wired cymbidiums.


Robin said...

The bride's bouquet is stunning! I love the vibrant colors!

Unknown said...

Fiore Blossoms exceeded our expectations. Alexis goes above and beyond---not just in floral design but in working as the event designer to create a setting that was so incredibly beautiful. HOT,HOT, HOT day but from the lanterns, table design, green draping, grapevine branches and votives was a transformation of a public venue to a very personal and gorgeous setting for everyone. I would change nothing and would give Fiore Blossoms the highest marks for creativity,promptness,and flexibility. I never worried about anything with Alexis in charge--Thank you for making the event and the day so memorable for my daughter and husband, our family and friends.

Love, Nancy Gervais