Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The news out of Haiti is heartbreaking and just keeps getting worse as the numbers climb. In a country where 80% of the population lives below the poverty line, where there is only a 50% literacy rate, and a history of constant political unrest, the impacts of this 7.0 magnitude earthquake are magnified a thousandfold. Hospitals, schools, relief shelters, and even the UN buildings have been reduced to piles of rubble, and the death toll for peacekeepers and relief workers is so high that there are few to even help.

The easiest way to give immediate assistance is to support the Red Cross as they prepare rescue and medical supplies and gather relief workers to aid the devastated country. It's easier now than even going to their website or making a phone call. They've set up a text number for a quick $10 donation. Just text "Haiti" to 90999. You'll be sent a confirmation text that says to reply "yes" if you would like to donate. After replying yes, they will add a one-time $10 charge to your phone bill. That's it.

I know I probably won't even notice the charge on my monthly bill, but I AM going to notice my fresh running water, warm home, and most importantly, my beautiful family that I'm blessed with.

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