Sunday, January 17, 2010

week in review {january 15, 2010 edition}

hanging rope beds (!) on Urban Grace, and more bedroom ideas the next day. I'm feeling the annual January urges to work on the house. Need to get my brain back in the wedding game.

A super simple, but sparkly and cheerful table anyone can do. Spring bulbs (they're all over the grocery and hardware stores right now, pre-forced for early blooming so that you don't have to do the work), pretty mercury glass or any votives you love, and icy glass. One secret that might not be obvious? Choose just two colors to design the whole table with, and make them two analogous (that means adjacent on the color wheel) as in the royal blue and stem green on this pretty table. Notice each color is just repeated a few times--green in the stems and napkins, blue in the flowers and napkin twine wrap. That's the secret formula! Oh, pic via Purple Area.

I'm definitely jumping on the Polaroid bandwagon. Not only have they hired the Lady I'm completely GaGa for as their Creative Director (brilliant! can't wait to see what she comes up with!), but when the re-release their classic, it looks like they're going to make a faux wood grain version. Groovy.

A real wedding all about fashion...the bride is the senior fashion editor for Marie Claire. Dress is a custom gown by Marchesa (If I was a bazillionaire, I'd flounce around every day in either Marchesa and Oscar De La Renta. i do charitable work while wearing them to make up for my silliness.), fabulous bridesmaids dresses with huge grey sequins by Burberry. The bride also had custom shoes made by Mr. Louboutin himself! I wanna see more of this one! (There's a little more in the February issue of MC, but not enough.)Photos by Charlotte Jenks Lewis, as seen on 100 Layer Cake.

I found a new-to-me blog this week that seems to do a better job of expressing what is in my brain than I do. So lovely.

And while we're on the subject of other blogs, if you are a flower lover and haven't subscribed yet to Flowerwild, you absolutely must. Kate Holt is extraordinarily talented. Just a selection of a few things posted recently. Notice it's white and black anemone season!

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