Thursday, April 7, 2011


A few tidbits, with very little writing.  My brain is tired from collecting an entire rainbow of blooms today, in preparation for Carina and Matt's celebration on Saturday.  (Think blank-slate art gallery with reclaimed wood floors and 40' high and white in every shade of the rainbow, gathered into dramatic monochromatic bouquets).
Oh, what do we have here?  A sweet girl with some...bird wings?

Well, how lovely! Why haven't we all made ourselves a pair of these yet? 
A very interesting article from the NYT Home & Garden section this week.  I'm fascinated by the role of the economy on visual aesthetics within our homes; particularly the meaning of the interiors that an economic slump produces.  And maybe this explains my shelves of dead things in my living room (coral, alliums, shelf fungus, Araucana eggs, feathers, birds' nests, even a crocodile head--it comes together, really!).  And interesting to consider how the current decor will be perceived in years to come.  Just read it already.
Thanks Urban Unveiled for featuring Fiore Blossoms this week.  Love you guys, everything you do for the Seattle (and beyond) wedding industry, and being part of your group.  The feature shows a few of my all-time favorite flower photos, and a little more info about my background and favorite wedding moments.

Do you ever think about this situation?  About the universe, scale and perspective?  I do. 

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