Thursday, April 28, 2011

a personalized Welcome! for tired traveling guests

My fancy espresso machine that is one of my most prized possessions is on week four at the repair shop...which means I've been spending a lot of time thinking about coffee.  Ok, I always spend a lot of time thinking about coffee, but I just appreciate a steaming pick-me-up more than ever right now, since it's a little harder to get. But I've been thinking this morning, as I'm drinking some Starbucks VIA--which is actually surprisingly good!--how much I love my favorite mug.
It's a mug with a beautiful swirly "A" that one of my favorite brides gave me after her wedding.  It's fun to have a personalized mug with your initial, and there are several great ones out there!  I think they'd be a great gift to tuck into welcome bags with some local coffee.  They show that you really thought about each guest individually, and they'll think about your event for years to come whenever they are having a cup of something cozy.  
 1.  My favorite!  I use mine everyday.  2. Pretty, casual colors  3.  Bold initial  4. charming, and looks like it would be easy  5.  One more   6.  The pretty Missus mug

If you are in Seattle, some of my very favorite coffees are from Caffe Fiore (and not just for their awesome name!), Zoka, and Stumptown.  Stumptown is really from Portland, but is so delicious that I'd consider bending the local rules a little and using it since they have opened a store here now. 

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