Monday, January 16, 2012

Let's catch up a little

For some reason, silos (as in those grain storage devices) are a big joke around my husband's office. I haven't even bothered to ask why, for fear of the long had-to-be-there story that would ensue.  I guess they all forward each other pictures of silos all the time though, and Steve realized I would love one of the most recent ones.  Check this out!   A trio of silos that were turned into a house.  I love a beautiful house, but I really love a quirky beautiful house.

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In other news, Wuthering Heights.  I somehow missed this in high school and college, so thought I'd give it a try now.  It is SO good.  So fantastically gothic, atmospheric, suspenseful.  You might want to add it to your 2012 reading list if you missed it as well.

Untitled.pngThe other day my fave mascara was sold out, so I took a great big fat risk and tried a new L'oreal one.  Oh, I guess I should back up and state that I had a short fling with falsies--eyelashes that is--this fall, until the Mr. said they creeped him out.  Anyway, this new mascara claims to create falsies out of what you're naturally blessed with.  AND IT DOES.  Works so well, I can't wear it for everyday because of the Mr. problem.  TRY IT.  It's crazy good stuff.


Spotted!  A gorgeous and affordable ($49.95!) bridesmaid-perfect dress at H&M.  Comes in bright orange and smoky charcoal gray.

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And finally, super beautiful photos from Carol Harrold tomorrow, of the summeriest summer wedding ever.

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Molly said...

The randomness of this post makes me really happy bahahaha. Also Jesus H. Wuthering Heights! Serious all-time favorite. You were cheated in high school for sure, but I'm glad you've remedied this situation.

Silo house + Honore also amazing.