Thursday, January 19, 2012

Real Weddings: Olivia + Mike (aka Fairy Tale Beginnings)

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Posting Mari and Tim's wedding earlier this week reminded me that I had stashed another beauty from Carol Harrold.  Olivia and Mike were married at De Lille Cellars, a gorgeous winery just outside of Seattle (though you'd swear you are in France when you're there).  O and M might have been the most loving, sweet couple I've worked with to date.  Their path to the alter had had a few twists and turns, and they were truly thrilled to be starting the rest of their lives--together. 

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At our first meeting, Olivia hilariously described her style as "Goth Chic". I had a such a good time coming up with flowers that would fit that description.  Dark callas, burgundy cymbidium orchids, scabiosa and love-in-a-mist pods, hypericum berries, and "Black Bacarra" roses comprised her bouquet. 

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De Lille's ceremony area is in a beautiful clearing, surrounded by tall trees and fields of fluffy white sheep.  We left the decor simple, but framed the entrance to the clearing with two huge foresty masses of foliage and burgundy flowers hanging from wrought iron shepherd hooks.  We echoed the design down the aisle with hanging vases of textured arrangements.

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Fairy Tale Beginnings.  They're real.


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